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Welcome to MESA

Welcome to MESA

I welcome your visit to our MESA website. I trust that you will learn a little more of who we are, what we do, and what we can be of help to you.

Founded in 1995, we have since then grown our distribution business into the largest one in the country. We also have expanded into restaurant.

In distribution, we deliver products from our selective brand partners to the consumers through a value chain of planning, organizing, marketing, and logistics in the most direct, effective and economical way. Our distribution network, now includes partnerships with many well known, international brands, run by more than 1500 employees, present in more than 26 provinces, is the largest in the country. The 15 years in distribution give us the invaluable know-how and necessary infrastructures to exceed all expectations from our brand partners and customers.

In restaurant business, we partner with several well known, high quality international quick service and full service restaurants. Our mission is to enrich the Vietnamese eating out establishments with brand name, good tasting, quality food products and services.

Most important is the way we work - we try to maintain our integrity and transparency in everything we do, develop our people and their leadership, commit to continuous learning and, as a responsible citizen, never do anything that harms the people, communities and environment.


Luu Tuyet Mai



  • Private enterprise since 1995
  • Mrs. Luu Tuyet Mai is the Founder & CEO
  • 2500 employees
  • Main offices & 26 branches
  • Ranked 329 on Vietnam 500 (incl. state owns) and 66 (private & public)
  • High growth, 25% pa in 15 years
  • Largest distribution network with selective brands: P&G, Nestle, VN Mobile, Shell Lubes, Miliket instant noodles
  • 1st USA Carl’s Jr hamburger restaurant in 2010